A Beautiful Show Car Finish in a Day

Zaino Show Car Polish is designed to be layered.  With each layer you apply, your car’s paint looks better and feels smoother.  Depth, gloss and clarity improve with each coat. Like all other polymer based polish and protection systems, Zaino Show Car Polish must cure before applying subsequent coats.  The curing process allows the polymer chains to cross-link, building strength and durability.  If the polymer strands have not cross-linked (cured), applying a fresh coat of polish will not achieve the optimum layered result.  Consequently, creating a show car finish can be a long process of applying a layer, waiting, and applying another layer.  The Wait is Over! Zaino ZFX™ Flash Cure Accelerator Additive Show Car Polish accelerator solves the wait problem.  We worked for several years to engineer a molecular reaction that causes the polymers in Zaino Show Car Polish to rapidly crosslink.  Using ZFX™ Flash Cure Accelerator Additive with your choice of Z-2 Show Car Polish for Clear Coated Car Finishes, Z-3 Show Car Polish for Non-clear Coated Paint, or Z-5 Show Car Polish for Swirl Marks and Fine Scratches, it is now possible to apply two or three coats of polish in a single day to create beautiful show car special effects.  The result is nothing less than stunning.  ZFX™ Flash Cure Accelerator Additive saves you time and effort.  It’s no longer necessary to keep your car in the garage for a whole weekend just so you can apply two or three coats of polish.  Using ZFX™ Flash Cure Accelerator Additive, you’ll apply multiple coats in just a few hours. Prior to using ZFX™ Enabled Show Car Polish Before applying ZFX™ Flash Cure Accelerator Additiveenabled Show Car Polish, wash, dry and inspect your car’s finish.  It should be very smooth.  If the paint has a rough, bumpy feel, you have surface contamination which must be removed using our Z-18 ClayBar. Prior to using Zaino Show Car Polish for the first time, we recommend using Dawn dishwashing liquid to wash your car.  Dawn will dissolve wax and other sealants, and easily removes grease, tar and bug remains.  Be sure to rinse your car very well after using Dawn.  After your first application of Zaino Show Car Polish, useZ-7 Show Car Wash for regular washing. Mixing ZFX™ with Show Car Polish Each ZFX™ kit comes with a 2ml vial of accelerator mix and several 2-ounce mixing bottles.  A single ZFX™ kit provides enough mix to accommodate up to 32 ounces of Zaino Show Car Polish. Pour one to two ounces of Show Car Polish (Z-2, Z-3 or Z-5) into a 2-ounce mixing bottle.  For each ounce of polish, add 4-5 drops of ZFX™ (no more than 10 drops for two full ounces), screw the cap back on, and shake vigorously for 60 seconds. While you get your towels and applicators ready, allow the ZFX™ enabled Zaino Show Car Polish to sit for five minutes so ZFX™ can begin activating the polish.  Give the applicator bottle a final shake for 10 seconds before using.  Applying ZFX™ Enabled Show Car Polish Follow these easy steps:

  1. Apply Zaino Show Car Polish enabled with ZFX™ with our Zaino Custom Polish Applicator.  Use the polish sparingly.  A small amount goes a long way, and you will be applying multiple coats.
  2. Squirt a dime size dab of polish on your applicator and rub it into your paint using circular hand motions.  Then, go over the same area using a straight back and forth motion on top panels and an up and down motion on side panels.  Allow the polish to haze for 20 to 30 minutes.
  3. Buff off the Show Car Polish residue with a high quality, 100% cotton, made in the USA, detailing towel.
  4. After buffing, spray the car with a light mist of Z-6 Ultra Clean™ Gloss Enhancer Spray detailing spray.  Z-6 will help buff away any remaining residue and enhances the brightness of the finish.  Using Z-6, the next coat of Zaino Show Car Polish will apply even easier.

You’re now ready to apply your next coat of Zaino Show Car Polish enabled with ZFX™.  There’s no need to wait.  Simply follow steps 1-4 above one more time.  Use a fresh cotton buffing towel to remove each coat of ZFX™  enabled Show Car Polish.. Note: Apply no more than three coats of ZFX™  in a 24 hour period. For optimum results, use your ZFX™ enabled polish within 6 hours of mixing.   Use a fresh cotton buffing towel for removal of each coat. Note:  When you are finished polishing, wash the mixing bottle inside and out with a heavy concentration of liquid dishwashing detergent (Liquid Dawn) and thoroughly rinse. The ZFX™ mixing bottles cannot be reused if the polish remains in the bottle for more than 12 hours. After 12 hours, it is not possible to completely clean the mixing bottle. Throw the mixing bottle and any unused polish contents away after 12 hours. Maintaining ZFX™ Enabled Show Car Polish ZFX™ enabled Show Car Polish is very durable.  If you’re using the Zaino Show Car Polish system primarily for protection, a single coat will protect your car for up to six months.  Two or three coats of ZFX™ enabled Show Car Polish will give your car up to 9 months of lasting, durable protection. For the best protection possible, we recommend sealing your car with ZFX™ enabled Show Car Polish twice a year.  To maintain the finish and good looks, wash your car three to four times a month with Z-7 Show Car Wash and give a quick wipe down with Z-6 Ultra Clean™ Gloss Enhancer Spray.  If you’re using ZFX™ enabled Show Car Polish to create an award winning, head turning show car finish, apply three coats of ZFX™ enabled Show Car Polish with a layer of Z-6 Ultra Clean™ Gloss Enhancer Spray between each coat.  The following week or month, apply another three coats of  ZFX™ enabled Show Car Polish also with Z-6 Ultra Clean™ Gloss Enhancer Spray between each layer.  Each month thereafter, apply a single coat of Show Car Polish. (Z-2, Z-3, or Z-5) Note: ZFX™ Flash Cure Accelerator Additive should be used with Zaino Show Car Polish (Z-2 or Z-5, Z-3 for non clear coated) twice a year on an everyday car and once a year on a show car. Also, please reapply ZFX™ Flash Cure Accelerator Additive after every ten coats of Zaino polish(Z-2 or Z-5, Z-3 for non clear coated). ZFX™ Flash Cure Accelerator Additive will never remove Zaino. Also the NEW ZFX™ Flash Cure Accelerator Additive  is an incredible product and could be used as often as you like… it’s up to you. It will tighten up and strengthen the polish system and increase the gloss.