Show Car Finish

With the Zaino Show Car Polish system, the term “polish” does not mean using harsh abrasives to remove scratches, swirl marks and other surfaces blemishes. We call this step “paint surface repair,” and consider it a measure of last resort. Zaino Show Car Polish products are applied like most car wax systems, but that’s where all similarities end. Zaino Show Car Polish is a complex formula of polymers suspended in a water-based emulsion. The emulsion allows our polish to spread so thin, so evenly, that the resulting finish is nearly flat and very, very smooth. With each coat of Zaino Show Car Polish you apply, the surface of your paint will become more level, increasing both gloss and surface clarity. It looks highly polished, like a diamond! How does it work? Simple, really, our polymer strands are exceptionally long, creating a very high surface bond with your paint for lasting protection. Plus, our special polymer formula creates chains that cross-link rapidly, allowing the polish to fill and level the micro-valleys in your car’s paint to produce an ultra-flat surface. Unlike most paint protectants, Zaino Show Car Polish does not use harsh solvents for cleaning or abrasives to “roughen up” the paint finish. An easy way to think of Zaino Show Car Polish is like a giant suction cup on a piece of glass. Properly applied, immense surface tension keeps the polish on your paint, for months of protection and beauty. The secret to using Zaino Show Car Polish is to start with a super-clean paint surface. Prior to applying your first coat of Zaino Show Car Polish, we highly recommend washing with Dawn dishwashing liquid to remove as much oil, grease, wax and road film as possible. If your car’s paint finish is perfectly smooth, you can then proceed to the Zaino Show Car Polish system. Using your hand, if you feel bumps and areas of roughness, we highly recommend using our Z-18 ClayBar, which will remove all surface contamination not removed by washing with Dawn. By the way, Dawn should not be used as your regular wash. Z-7 Show Car Wash is the proper shampoo to use with the Zaino Show Car Polish system. Used too frequently, Dawn will dull your paint (two to three times a year is fine). After washing with Dawn and using Z-18 ClayBar, a quick wash with Z-7 Show Car Wash is recommended. The gloss enhancers and lubricants used in Z-7 improve the ease-of-application of step two, ZFX™ Flash Cure Accelerator Additive enabled Z-2 Show Car Polish for Clear Coated Car Finishes, Z-3 Show Car Polish for Non-clear Coated Paint, or Z-5 Show Car Polish for Swirl Marks and Fine Scratches. ZFX™ Flash Cure Accelerator Additive should used with the first coat of Zaino Show Car Polish, but can be used as often as you like, see the ZFX™ Flash Cure Accelerator Additive page for details.  Pour one to two ounces of Show Car Polish (Z-2, Z-3 or Z-5) into a 2-ounce mixing bottle. For each ounce of polish, add 4-5 drops of ZFX™ (no more than 10 drops for two full ounces), screw the cap back on, and shake vigorously for 60 seconds. While you get your towels and applicators ready, allow the ZFX™ enabled Zaino Show Car Polish to sit for five minutes so ZFX™ can begin activating the polish. Give the applicator bottle a final shake for 10 seconds before using. The third step is to apply your choice of Z-2 Show Car Polish for Clear Coated Car Finishes, Z-3 Show Car Polish for Non-clear Coated Paint, or Z-5 Show Car Polish for Swirl Marks and Fine Scratches using a clean 100% cotton, made in the USA, Zaino Custom Polish Applicator. Our applicators are specially designed 100% virgin cotton pad, with special reversed stitching to prevent scratching of paint surfaces. Pour a small nickel (1 inch) size dab of Zaino Show Car Polish on your applicator. To help with even coverage, spread the nickel sized Zaino Show Car Polish out on the applicator pad like butter on bread before wiping on. On top panels, apply Zaino Show Car Polish using front-to-back hand motions.  On side panels, use up-and-down hand motions. This helps improve reflectivity. There’s no need to rub hard or long, just apply thin and even coats. Apply the Show Car Polish to the whole car and allow it to haze. Once hazed, you can buff of the light residue immediately or allow it to sit for a few hours or over night. No matter how long your let it sit, it will still be easy to buff off to a beautiful finish. To buff, use a clean, dry 100% cotton, made in the USA, cloth buffing towel. The higher quality towel you use, the better your results. For most cars, you will need two towels to adequately buff off the Show Car Polish residue. The final step is optional, but offers exceptional results. Give your car a final wipe down with Z-6 Ultra-Clean Gloss Enhancing Spray. Z-6 further enhances the Show Car Polish shine and picks up any remaining residue around emblems, seals and crevices. To increase and improve your show car shine, apply one or more additional coats of Show Car Polish. Wait a minimum of 12 hours between coats, or use our new ZFX™ Flash Cure Accelerator Additive. When you add ZFX™ to your Show Car Polish you don’t need to use Z-1 Polish-LOK™, and there’s virtually no wait time required between coats of Z-2, Z-3 or Z-5 Show Car Polish.