Grit Guard
Grit Guard
Price: $13.99
Shipping Weight: 1 pounds


The Grit Guard® Insert

The Grit Guard has no flat surfaces for dirt or grit to sit on. Once dirt and grit fall to the bottom of the bucket, the water is broken into four quadrants, where the water stays calm, keeping the dirt and grit at the bottom. More importantly, the Grit Guard is an agitator for your washing towel, releasing the dirt, grit, grime, and contaminants, providing Scratch-Free Cleaning of your vehicles finish.

* Fits most any 3.5, 5, 6, and 7 U.S. gallon bucket** [see CONVERSION below]
* Cleans your wash mitt, for a scratch free wash
* Four-quadrants calm wash water, keeping dirt at the bottom
* Especially recommended for washing any dark-colored vehicle

Which bucket should I place my Grit Guard Insert in?

Both! You should have a Grit Guard Insert in each bucket, to double the protection against scratches and swirl marks. Be sure and agitate your washing towel on the Grit Guard Insert every time you go to the bucket.

If you only have one Grit Guard, it’s best to place it in the rinse bucket. Once again, be sure and rub the washing towel on the Grit Guard every time you dip into the rinse bucket. When the washing towel is in the water, the fibers are free and relaxed, but in order to extract the trapped particles the washing towel needs to be agitated. By rubbing it on the surface of the Grit Guard, dirt, grit and other contaminants are extracted, keeping your paint scratch free. Then you would go to the bucket with the soap, keeping that bucket clean from dirt and grit.

How much water is under the Grit Guard?

About 3.75 litres [.83 Imp.Gallon] are under the Grit Guard Insert.

Does the Grit Guard fit any bucket?

The Grit Guard fits any standard 3.5, 4, 5, 6, and 7 U.S. gallon bucket. However, if you grew up in the Metric system that isn't much help, but sometimes merchants still sell in gallons either in the U.S. gallon system or the Imperial gallon system, which Canada used to measure volume.

3.5 U.S. gallons = 13.249 Litres or almost 3 Imperial gallons.
5 U.S. gallons = 18.927 Litres or 4.166 Imperial gallons.
6 U.S. gallons = 22.712 Litres or almost 5 Imperial gallons.
7 U.S. gallons = 26.498 Litres or 5.83 Imperial gallons.
List of Buckets that the Grit Guard Insert fits (Updated 2013)

The Grit Guard® Bucket (optimum, snug fit, when you tip the bucket over, the insert stays in the bucket)
Home Hardware Bucket
Home Depot Bucket
Most Drywall Buckets
Buckets that Don't Fit

New Lowes bucket (you would have to slightly cut down the Grit Guard)